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The Renaissance mill

Let’s half-close our eyes for a moment. Let’s imagine the wheel of a mill turning, moved by the wind or a river current, fields shrouded in silence, wheat slowly being turned into flour…the story of an earlier experience, the treasure of a present reality.

In the 16th century, Treviso was the ‘granary’ of magnificent Venice, the ruling power. Hundreds of mills were dotted here and there among the hills and the plain. Here, grain was ground into flour destined for the ‘Serenissima’ Republic of Venice and rags were soaked to make paper, thereby shaping the economy and the culture of our people.

Our mill stands along the banks of the river Meolo in San Bartolomeo di Breda di Piave. The Euromills project classified it as one of the most important in Europe. The mill was built thanks to an ancient concession dated 19th August 1564, agreed by the Republic of Venice.

Over the centuries, several owners succeeded one another keeping the mill in operation until 1966, greatly boosting production in the village formerly known as Villa del Bosco.

We became the owners of the “brick giant” in 2004 and spent four long and intense years, full of amazing adventures, converting it.