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About us

Wandering leisurely among the creaking cobblestones of our beloved Treviso, the beautiful “joyful and loving province”, an agency window caught our eye: a dormant “brick giant”, surrounded by lush greenery, stood lifeless along the clear waters of the river Meolo and, eager to be awakened, gently called out to us… It was love at first sight… and although it was little more than a crumbling ruin, it concealed a sincere spirit, an austere character that emanated extraordinary energy.
It needed to be saved and restored to its original splendour of the 1500s, the majestic age of the Renaissance when Beauty, Grace, Harmony and Poetry reigned supreme.

What could we do???

Silvio, my husband, the visionary with the rebellious hair, immediately had an enlightening vision of taking photos of it restored and magnificent.

We were suddenly faced with a huge challenge, an intense journey that led us on a continuous search, lasting 4 years, to recuperate materials, anecdotes and fragrances of a bygone era and tinged with vintage appeal.

We dreamt of a place where people from different cultures could immerse themselves in luxurious silence and listen to their soul. A place where time stands still, where you can regenerate your spirit and let your thoughts flow freely, where you can pamper your palate with genuine dishes, indulging your emotions…

And it was with this adventurous, naive and passionate spirit that we created our Locanda Rosa Rosae, offering hospitality in June 2008. Humbleness, dedication and passion have
been our loyal allies in this adventure, and they constantly nourish us.

Today, after many years, our happy and contented guests give us energy, and we sincerely thank them.



“Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it, begin now.” Goethe