it happens here
This ancient mill dates back to 1570. When we discovered it, we soon felt in love with it.
Even if it was simply a ruin, it kept a magic energy and unique soul.
We imediately realised that it had to be saved and most of all it had to be brought back to its ancient beauty and charm.
We started this “amazing” adventure, a real challenge.
It took four years of hard sacrifice, work and research but, at the same time, it was also very stimulating and exciting.
My husband Silvio is the real creator of this miracle. He is a “crazy”, creative architect with an extraordinary sense of beauty, harmony and originality. Silvio transformed this old mill into a beautiful Locanda, while maintaining the authenticity of the building.
We restored everything keeping well in mind the mill’s history and austere character of the building. We used old and recycled materials, left walls bare to the brick, and preserved the floor and the beams untreated.
The interior decoration is also very austere, sparse and minimal, although with a strong character, specially in the evening when it’s all lit by candles.
Our dream was to share the peace, beauty and charme of this place with our guests, giving them a way to have their own emotions and inspirations staying here.

For this reason, we created the Locanda Rosarosae. Here, we hope, every guest can feel and touch the philosophy of beauty, harmony and familiarity of our Locanda…

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